Black & Decker GL656 Garden Strimmer 500 Watt

A garden strimmer is a useful tool to have in a garden no matter how big or small it is. It can be used for trimming lawns as well as shaping them and cutting the edges. The Black & Decker GL656 Strimmer is a state of the art trimmer which does all your garden trimming with ease and the 500 watt motor provided ensures that your work gets done perfectly at an amazingly fast speed.

This garden trimmer comes with a telescopic tube that has a 100mm distance. As for the specifications of this unit, it has a great reflex plus line feed system, a line diameter of 1.5 mm, a line cutting speed of 10,400 rpm and a cutting width of 28cm. This makes it perfect for mid-sized gardens. The strimmer comes with two handles which make the machine very safe to use and a 2×6 line is supplied along with it. The unit weighs only 3.2kg. making it very lightweight and easy for every gardener.

The garden strimmer has a ‘Trim and Edge’ feature that includes a dual cutting system. This technology makes the strimmer automatically feed out more line when necessary. The box, on purchase, contains the garden strimmer along with an instruction manual for easy operation of the machine.

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