Black & Decker GLC2500 Cless 18 Volt Reflex Garden Strimmer

The garden strimmer from Black & Decker – the GLC2500 Cless 18 Volt Reflex Strimmer comes packed with a number of features to make sure that you have an easy time in your garden. The intelligent cutting system provided is designed to automatically feed out more line whenever necessary. The garden strimmer is completely cordless, allowing you to move around your garden without having to worry about the wires getting tangled all around you.

As for this garden strimmer’s technical details, it comes with an 18 volt battery that can be charged separately from the main unit when required. It has a very good reflex line feed system and a cutting line length of 10 metres. The strimmer has two handles that are adjustable, making the machine safe and easy to use. To add to the safety features, there is a safety brake as that will stop the unit within three seconds in case of an emergency. The safety switch provided also ensures that the machine doesn’t start automatically.

The garden strimmer also has an edging facility as well as an edging guide and weighs only 4.4kgs. The box comes packed with the garden strimmer as well as an instruction manual and a spool.

There is currently just over £40 off the Black & Decker GLC2500 Garden Strimmer at the moment!