Black & Decker GW2610V Garden Vacuum & Leaf Blower

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The Black & Decker GW2610V is a dual function leaf blower and garden vacuum that is electric powered and comes equipped with a shredder fan. The high impact shredding blades are ideal for compressing garden waste and can reduce the size of items vacuumed to one tenth of their original size.

This garden vacuum is fitted with a wet leaf scraper which helps collect wet leaves which can become stuck to the ground making them hard to pick up. The Black & Decker comes with a collection bag which has a capacity of 35 litres which after the shredder has reduced their size can hold 350 litres of leaves.

The speed at which this item blows or vacuums can be adjusted with ease allowing you to chose the right speed for you. The Black & Decker also comes fitted with a carry strap making it easy to manoeuvre around the garden along with its secondary handle.

This is a great leaf blower / garden vacuum shredder that would suit any small to medium sized garden or outdoor space.

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