Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Accu Cordless Grass Trimmer

A grass trimmer is ideal for all those who like to keep their gardens neat and tidy and do not like over grown grass in their backyards. The Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Accu Cordless Grass Trimmer happens to be perfect for those who want to trim out that unruly grass that grows in difficult-to-reach areas in the garden.

This garden strimmer is cordless and can be moved around easily. It is a lightweight machine with handles on both sides, making it convenient to move around the garden. The telescopic handle can be adjusted to a height of 35cm. The strimmer is powered by a 14.4V/1.5Ah battery which ensures that the machine gives great performance. The plastic blades provided with the unit make it energy efficient and give you a precise cut. The trimmer shaft can also be adjusted to a suitable angle so that grass growing even in unreachable places can be trimmed. The vertical trimming feature also helps in achieving great results.

The garden strimmer comes along with a fast charger as well as 12 sets of plastic blades, making sure that you have everything you need for a great gardening experience. A two year warranty for parts and labour is also provided.

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