Bosch AXT 25D Garden Shredder

A garden shredder makes trimming and shredding of unwanted shrubs and plants in your garden easy and quick. The Bosch AXT 25D Shredder does all this for you while also allowing you to use the shredded material as compost or mulch for your plants.

This garden shredder has a massive 2500W induction motor that makes the shredder extremely powerful, allowing you to clean up your garden quickly and conveniently. At the same time, this motor is silent, keeping the neighbours’ complaints away. The shredder can cut woody material up to a diameter of 40mm, making your job easy. A touch pad control panel is also provided, which has a ‘pulse’ reverse mechanism that helps in preventing blocking. Along with this, the shredder also has a ‘Cut and Crush’ drum that self feeds the cut material. A 53 litre collection box is also provided for easy storing of the material. This box has a patented interlocking mechanism for safety of the materials. A patented detachable hopper is also given for this purpose.

The garden shredder comes from world-renowned makers Bosch who specialise the manufacturing of a number of cordless garden tools and products. They also provide a 2 year guarantee for all the parts and labour of the shredder.

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