Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder

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This electric garden shredder from BOSCH is the perfect accompaniment to any leaf blower. Once you have blown the leaves and twigs in your garden into a nice neat pile using your new leaf blower you might be wondering what to do with all that garden waste. But wonder no more because the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder is here to save you from tedious bagging and dumping of all your old leaves and twigs.

Simply drop your waste into the BOSCH AXT 2200 and its super fast blade which rotates at 3650 rpm will literally make mince meat out of your leaves and twigs. Due to its large capacity the waste can be easily fed into this leaf shredder and quickly passed through to the other side. As well as the blade being very fast it is also laser-cut for high precisions and has a twin edge for extra cutting efficiency. For extra value for money and environmentally friendliness the blade is reversible which means you only have to switch to get another cycle of life from it before getting it re-sharpened or replaced.

Although this is a top-quality, high powered garden shredder the BOSCH ATX only weights 12kg and with its wheels it is easy to move around. The four metres of cable also gives it an extra dimension of portability.

If your leaf blower does not come with a shredding function or you are looking to upgrade to a standalone garden shredder then the BOSCH AXT with its PowerDrive motor is the one for you.

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