Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Accu Cordless Grass Trimmer

A grass trimmer is ideal for all those who like to keep their gardens neat and tidy and do not like over grown grass in their backyards. The Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Accu Cordless Grass Trimmer happens to be perfect for those who want to trim out that unruly grass that grows in difficult-to-reach areas in the garden.

This garden strimmer is cordless and can be moved around easily. It is a lightweight machine with handles on both sides, making it convenient to move around the garden. The telescopic handle can be adjusted to a height of 35cm. The strimmer is powered by a 14.4V/1.5Ah battery which ensures that the machine gives great performance. The plastic blades provided with the unit make it energy efficient and give you a precise cut. The trimmer shaft can also be adjusted to a suitable angle so that grass growing even in unreachable places can be trimmed. The vertical trimming feature also helps in achieving great results.

The garden strimmer comes along with a fast charger as well as 12 sets of plastic blades, making sure that you have everything you need for a great gardening experience. A two year warranty for parts and labour is also provided.

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Bosch AHS 63-16C Electric Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer keeps all your hedges and shrubs looking clean and neat, making your garden look amazing. The AHS 63-16C Electric Hedge Trimmer from Bosch is a very powerful trimmer with a 420 watt motor along with different blades like diamond ground blades and a long 63cm blade which, along with the 16mm tooth spacing, provides you with a clean cut in your garden. A blade cover is also provided for safe storage of the blades when not in use.

This hedge trimmer has been designed for easy operation. It has a two trigger start system which makes it easy and safe for the owner to operate. It weighs only 3.1kg, making it convenient to carry around and trim the small and medium sized branches. The 12m cable is long enough to let you carry the unit around your garden with ease. The AHS 63-16C also comes along with a Bosch ‘Collecto’, a device that helps you sweep up and clear all the clippings. Can cleaning up your garden get any easier?

The hedge trimmer comes along with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee, ensuring that you have no trouble with your appliance. And all this is brought to you at an affordable price.


Bosch Isio Shape & Edge Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is ideal for those who like to keep a neat and tidy garden. The Bosch Isio Shape & Edge hedge trimmer is a sleek device that helps you to do this, keeping your garden in great shape and keeping you happy.

This hedge trimmer has a 3.6V lithium-ion battery, which, when completely charged, will run up to 50 minutes. Along with this, the ‘anti block’ technology ensures that the device won’t stall even when cutting through tough branches by adjusting the running direction of the blades. These inter-changeable blades give you a range of trimming options, allowing you to choose how you want the hedges to look, from edging them to shearing the shrubs. This gives your hedges a clean cut appearance. The appliance is also very easy to charge and comes with a normal mobile-style charge that has a light to indicate when the appliance is completely charged.

The hedge trimmer is always ready-to-use. You will never be faced with a problem of memory loss or self discharge from the unit. It weighs only 550gms, making it extremely lightweight and convenient to use. It also features a soft grip handle that allows you to use the appliance comfortably for long periods of time.


Bosch AXT 25D Garden Shredder

A garden shredder makes trimming and shredding of unwanted shrubs and plants in your garden easy and quick. The Bosch AXT 25D Shredder does all this for you while also allowing you to use the shredded material as compost or mulch for your plants.

This garden shredder has a massive 2500W induction motor that makes the shredder extremely powerful, allowing you to clean up your garden quickly and conveniently. At the same time, this motor is silent, keeping the neighbours’ complaints away. The shredder can cut woody material up to a diameter of 40mm, making your job easy. A touch pad control panel is also provided, which has a ‘pulse’ reverse mechanism that helps in preventing blocking. Along with this, the shredder also has a ‘Cut and Crush’ drum that self feeds the cut material. A 53 litre collection box is also provided for easy storing of the material. This box has a patented interlocking mechanism for safety of the materials. A patented detachable hopper is also given for this purpose.

The garden shredder comes from world-renowned makers Bosch who specialise the manufacturing of a number of cordless garden tools and products. They also provide a 2 year guarantee for all the parts and labour of the shredder.

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Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Garden Shredder

A garden shredder is an absolute necessity for anyone who owns even a small garden and the Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Shredder is the perfect model for anyone who wants a lightweight, easy-to-use, fast garden shredder. A powerful shredder, this product from Bosch is ideal for cutting green and soft material, along with a practical plunger that gives you a higher material throughput.

This garden shredder has a number of unique features including a 2000W ‘Powerdrive’ motor that is faster than most motors available. The rapid speed/torque ratio allows rapid throughput of green debris. The motor runs at 3650rpm, making it one of the fastest shredders available. The Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Shredder also has a double sided, laser-cut precision blade. This blade, along with the motor, cuts 7 times faster than other garden shredders. The 35mm cutting capacity allows you to get a great material throughput that can be converted into compost for your garden. The garden shredder also has a patented hopper with a large capacity for easy feeding.

This garden shredder is also fitted with a restart option as well as a motor overload option. It is an easy to assemble unit, weighing only 12kgs and with wheels for convenient transporting all around your garden. It also comes with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee.

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Bosch AXT 23TC Garden Shredder

A garden shredder is the ideal tool to have in any house that has a patch of garden outside. Bosch, which specialises in a range of cordless, electrical lawnmowers, chainsaws, hedge cutters and other products, now brings you the Bosch AXT 23TC Garden Shredder.

This garden shredder is a 3-in-1 shredder that cuts both wood and greens. The 2300 Watt induction motor has an innovative turbine cutting system that allows you to cut a large number of shrubs, tress and other green material up to a diameter of 42mm. This induction motor also has the ability to increase its throughput to 215kg per hour, thus reducing blockages.

The garden shredder, along with a number of other features, also includes a touch pad control panel that has a ‘pulse’ reverse mechanism which further prevents blocking while making the shredder a lot easier to control and manage. Along with the shredder, a 53 litre collection box is provided with a patented interlocking mechanism that allows you to store the shredded remains neatly and conveniently. A patented detachable hopper is also given for easy storage.

The shredder comes in a box containing the product along with the collection box and an instruction manual. A 2 year parts and labour guarantee is also provided along with it.

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Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder

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This electric garden shredder from BOSCH is the perfect accompaniment to any leaf blower. Once you have blown the leaves and twigs in your garden into a nice neat pile using your new leaf blower you might be wondering what to do with all that garden waste. But wonder no more because the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder is here to save you from tedious bagging and dumping of all your old leaves and twigs.

Simply drop your waste into the BOSCH AXT 2200 and its super fast blade which rotates at 3650 rpm will literally make mince meat out of your leaves and twigs. Due to its large capacity the waste can be easily fed into this leaf shredder and quickly passed through to the other side. As well as the blade being very fast it is also laser-cut for high precisions and has a twin edge for extra cutting efficiency. For extra value for money and environmentally friendliness the blade is reversible which means you only have to switch to get another cycle of life from it before getting it re-sharpened or replaced.

Although this is a top-quality, high powered garden shredder the BOSCH ATX only weights 12kg and with its wheels it is easy to move around. The four metres of cable also gives it an extra dimension of portability.

If your leaf blower does not come with a shredding function or you are looking to upgrade to a standalone garden shredder then the BOSCH AXT with its PowerDrive motor is the one for you.

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