Draper 45546 2400W Garden Shredder

A garden shredder should be used in every garden in order to reduce and manage all garden waste easily as well as give you great compost to add to your garden. The Draper 45546 230V 2400W Shredder 40MM is a great garden shredder which is easy to use, works well and doesn’t cost much.

This garden shredder has a powerful 2400W motor that makes it work fast without any hassles. The twin blades in the machine are completely hardened. These blades have the ability to reverse in their turns, preventing the shedder from experiencing blockages while shredding any material. This unblocking system works great even with greens and soft materials that may get stuck once in a while. Besides this, the Draper 45546 230V 2400W Shredder 40MM can shred material and branches that are up to 40mm thick in diameter. As for the safety features, this product comes with an emergency stop no-volt switch.

This garden shredder comes from Draper and has wheels for easy transportation around the garden and a prodder. The non-rewireable 3 pin moulded plug is BS approved while approximately 3M of cable is also provided. An instruction manual for detailed working of the garden shredder is also given to you with the box.

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Draper 45543 Garden Vacuum Leaf Blower and Mulcher

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The Draper 45543 is a multi purpose leaf blower that not only blows air but also works as a garden vacuum and leaf mulcher. It’s powerful 2200 watt engine allows it to quickly and efficiently vacuum up leaves and other small garden debris or at the flick of a switch blow them into a neat pile wherever in your garden you desire.

When in garden vacuum mode and leaves that are hovered up can then be muclched or shredded. Once they have been passed through the shredder they are instantly moved into the attached and removable 45 litre collection bag. This collection bag allows you to dispose of the mulch easily and cleanly to either a rubbish bin or on a compost heap.

As well as the easy to find and use switch to change from vacuum to blow mode this Draper leaf blower comes equipped with a sturdy and adjustable front support handle. Also the Draper 45543 is fitted with a patio and path wheel attachment that makes manoeuvring the leaf blower much easier than those leaf blowers with one and keeps the nozzle at the desired height.

What’s more this leaf blower also comes with a long 10 metre cable allowing your to reach the far corners of most gardens and outdoor spaces and of course the Draper is fitted with a safety approved plug socked.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to buy this leaf blower, amazon.co.uk have the Draper 45543 on sale with £78.51 off the recommended retail price at the time of writing.

Leaf Blower Best Sellers

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Draper Vacuum Leaf Blower and Mulcher 2200W

The Draper Vacuum Leaf Blower and Mulcher 2200W is very easy to control due to the wheel attached to the front tube. This makes it easier and therefore faster to get around the garden with. Also for your ease is a control switch to change between vacuum mode and blow mode. Draper have really thought about the user with this leaf blower and have included a handle with soft grip and the back of the tool and a very useful shoulder strap. The blower comes fitted with a larger than average 45 litre collection bag and a long 10 metre cable giving a wide range of movement and reach in the garden!

This is a great leaf blower for the professional and home user alike and comes highly recommended!

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