Leaf Blower Best Sellers

Further down the page you will find in-depth reviews of many great leaf blowers and garden vacuums but here we have picked out some of the best value and performing leaf blowers available to buy online today.

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32CC Petrol Garden Vacuum Leaf Blower

This petrol leaf blower is the real deal!

It might have a petrol engine but that does not mean this blower weights too much and comes in at a reasonable 6kg. If you’ve got a large garden to clear or just want to get the job done in the least amount of time then a petrol powered blower is definitely for you. The two-stroke engine ensure that any garden can be cleared with minimal effort in times quicker than with a standard electric blower.

This is a great leaf blower for the professional and home user alike and comes highly recommended!

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2500W Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder

This 2500W Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder is a single speed leaf blower with a maximum air speed of 240km/h which is powerful enough to blow and pick-up leaves, small twigs, grass and bits of discarded paper. This leaf blower has a large 40 litre capacity bag attached to collect everything it vacuums up. There is also a built in shredder to ensure everything sucked up is shredded to allow you to maximise the amount of garden waste that this leaf blower can pick-up before it needs to be emptied.

This is a great little leaf blower with a big bag and big power!

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