Kärcher K2.36M+ Pressure Washer and T50 Patio Cleaner

A pressure washer is needed by everyone. And one that comes along with a patio cleaner is a great machine to help you keep every part of your house looking clean and great. The K2.36M + & T50 from Kärcher comes with a 1400 watt universal motor. The compact design, along with two attached wheels and a transport handle makes it easy for the unit to be moved around easily while the 4 metre hose provided allows the water reach out to the toughest areas, letting you clean your place from top to bottom.

This pressure washer that comes along with a T50 patio cleaner is ideal for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. It work great even on large areas like garage doors and terraces, cleaning the place completely thanks to the 110 bar maximum pressure that facilitates a maximum use of 340 litres of water per hour. The pressure washer also has the capacity to switch between a low pressure output for gentle cleaning and a high pressure output for more rigorous cleaning. And the patio cleaner will make your patio look more spick and span than it ever was before! And for easy maintenance of the product, a mesh water filter is provided. This keeps out all unwanted dirt and protects the high pressure pump.

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Karcher K2.32M & T50 Pressure Washer

A pressure washer that comes together with a patio cleaner, this is a lightweight machine that can be used to keep your house spic and span. The K2.32M & T50 from Kärcher comes with a 1400 watt universal motor that makes it very powerful but at the same time is light and easy to move around. The 110 maximum bar pressure from the unit ensures that 360 litres of water can be pumped every hour. This makes your cleaning quick and guarantees that you have a good enough water pressure continuously to clean out your house as well as outside.

This pressure washer has the special feature of having a patio cleaner attached. Besides this, the unit also features a one way lance that allows high pressure cleaning. The Dirtblaster which comes along with this product gives you such a great performance.

This pressure washer also comes along with a T50 patio cleaner that enables you to clean all your walls and hard flooring without having to worry about dirty water getting splashed around. Along with all these features, the K2.32M & T50 comes packed with a hose, extension lance, trigger gun, adaptor and manual for instructions on how to use it.

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Karcher K3.550 & Delta Racer Jubilee Pressure Washer Package

A pressure washer that is combined with a patio cleaner works as a great tool to give your home a thorough cleaning. The K3.550 Jubilee package is known as probably one of the most advanced pressure washers available in the market today. This unit, which comes with a patio cleaner, has a number of features that will blow your mind away.

This pressure washer, besides just having a patio cleaner, also comes with a water cooled induction motor of 1800 watts, giving it a longer life and better performance in the long run. It also has energy savings and is certified by the Fraunhofer Institute, thanks to an output of 420 litres per hour which supports a maximum of 120 bar. This durable unit also comes with a Delta Racer, known as the first high pressure jet powered brush which can be used for cleaning large surface areas like cars, garage doors etc. easily in a very short time.

The pressure washer, even though it also has a patio cleaner, is still lightweight and comes with wheels that allow you to move it around without a problem. It also has on-board storage, letting you keep all the nozzles and other extras neatly with the machine. The K3.550 Jubilee package also has a Vario lance and a Dirtblaster lance.

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Kärcher 300 T-Racer Patio Cleaning Pressure Washer

A pressure washer which is combined with a patio cleaner is perfect for cleaning up your house completely. The Kärcher 300 T-Racer is primarily a patio cleaner but this device works great as a pressure washer too. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces like doors, fences, terraces and on all wooden surfaces. The cleaner works ten times faster than other lances, making the job very easy and quick. Inside the outer casing you will find two dirtblasting nozzles that are attached to opposite sides of a propeller. This helps in creating a tornado effect when water is blasted through the lance. This unique hovercraft type of cleaning will reduce your work up to 5 times. This helps you save time and water-usage.

This pressure washer which features a patio cleaner has splash free cleaning. This ensures that hard surfaces like drive ways, decks and terraces can be cleaned without any worries of having the dirt getting splashed back and dirtying anything else. The nozzles of this product are adjustable, allowing you to clean at different heights with ease. And to make things more convenient for you, the 300 T-Racer patio cleaner is made to fit any of Kärcher’s pressure washers.

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