Ryobi RHT-2660DA Quik Fire Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmers need to be easy to use and cut hedges neatly and as quickly as possible. The Ryobi RHT-2660DA Quik Fire Hedge Trimmer comes with a quick fire system along with a carburettor that makes starting of the machine easy. And to make your gardening experience even easier, the carburettor is fitted with a diaphragm which allows you to trim your hedges at all angles. The back handle has a 5 position rotating system that makes it so comfortable for anyone using it. And to make the trimmer even better, the front handle also comes with safety features and is easy to use.

This hedge trimmer comes with the following specifications- an output capacity of 0.89hp, a tank capacity of 0.3 litres and an overall engine capacity of 26cc. The blade length is an impressive length of 600mm, and together with a cutting capacity of 28mm, this unit allows you to cut all kinds of hedges and getting them to the perfect shape without any hassles.

The hedge trimmer has a robust construction and comes with a blade guard as well as a blade sheath for safety. A 2 year warranty is also provided with the model, keeping all your worries at bay.

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Ryobi 400W Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter

A hedge trimmer is necessary for anyone who owns a patch of garden, whether small or big. The Ryobi 400 watt Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter makes it easy for you to cut those troublesome branches which are just out of your reach. This hedge cutter not only leaves you garden looking neat and tidy but also saves you time and trouble, ensuring that you no longer need to stretch out and hurt your back trying to reach the branches.

This hedge trimmer has an easy blade adjustment. This clean cutting blade is double sided, giving your hedge a great quality finish. The length of this blade is 400mm and it has a cutting capacity of 17mm. This telescopic pole is easy to operate and can be locked into place when needed. It comes with a very powerful motor, making your job quick and easy. The Ryobi Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter has a power input of 400 watts and an 8m length of cable is provided for easy transport around the garden.

The hedge trimmer weighs only 4kg and comes packed in the box along with a blade sheath when ordered. Assembling of the product requires only 5 minutes and the soft grip handle makes your job even easier.


Ryobi RSH-2400R Impact Garden Shredder

A garden shredder not only helps you to clear up your garden and get rid of all the unwanted, messy branches and greens that are lying around but it also helps in creating great compost and mulch for you to spread out in your garden for your plants to grow better. The Ryobi RSH-2400R Impact Shredder/Mulcher is a product from Ryobi that has a large motor capacity of 2400W.

This garden shredder is fitted with two cutting blades that are reversible and make sure the material gets shredded completely. These blades can shred branches that are up to a size of 40mm in diameter. This makes it ideal for you to produce mulch even from tree branches lying around. The shredder is very quiet when in use and the anti blocking system is great.

The garden shredder from Ryobi is lightweight and can be conveniently placed in a small area of your garden. At the same time, the shredder is equipped with an overload option that keeps your shredder sturdy and long lasting. The large wheels provided allow you to move it around with ease. Besides the garden shredder, the box it comes in also contains a hex wrench, a cable measuring ten metres, a plunger and a sleeve along with an instructions manual.

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Ryobi RBL30MVA 30cc BackPack Leaf Blower & Vacuum

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This is a great leaf blower and garden vacuum from Ryobi. This machine has a powerful 30cc petrol engine that is ideal for gardens big or small and will have your outdoor spaces looking spick and span in no time at all!

The Ryobi comes equipped with a mulching feature which is ideal for getting any garden waste compressed for easy disposal. As well as being an excellent leaf blower with the flick of a switch this tool becomes a powerful garden vacuum allowing you to pick up most small garden debris in the blink of an eye thanks to its 13 cbm/min suction capacity. Due to it’s high power this garden vacuum can reduce leaf waste at a ratio of 10:1 which we think is pretty impressive. There is a 40 litre collection bag included with the Ryobi RBL30MVA which can be quickly and easily attached as and when required.

As well as the collection bag this leaf blower comes with a shoulder strap and some 2-stroke oil to get you started. To get the Ryobi RBL30MVA at the lowest price use the information below:

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