Flymo Power Trim Garden Strimmer

A garden strimmer is necessary for every garden owner in order to keep their garden neat and prevent the grass from getting out of control. A garden strimmer may do the job of trimming grass but for those who like to take extra care of their lawn, an edger is also necessary. The Power Trim Trimmer from Flymo is a two-in-one unit that not only trims your lawns but also edges them, giving your garden the perfect look.

This garden strimmer comes packed with a number of features. It has a 300 watt motor which makes it powerful enough to cut all kinds of grass. The double line with a width of 23cm along with an auto feed cutting head together ensure that you can reach out to grass that’s growing even in the toughest places. And with a simple click of a button, your trimmer then turns into an edger in 3 seconds, letting you switch easily between the modes you want.

The garden strimmer has a 12 metre cable that allows you to move around your garden with this machine without having to worry about running out of cable half way through.

With the high quality standards of Flymo products, you can never make a bad decision by purchasing one.