Flymo Scirocco 3000 Electric Garden Vacuum & Blower

The Flymo Scirocco 3000 Electric Garden Vac & Blower 3000w 240v is a dual function leaf blower and garden vacuum making it exceptional value and a great time saving device.

Using the leaf blower function you can effortlessly sweep all the leafs and garden debris into one manageable pile and then with the flick of a switch transfer to garden vacuum mode and Hoover up your pile of waste. No more bending over and bagging up the leaves by hand once you have this garden tool!

Due to the powerful suction of the Flymo Scirocco even wet leaves can be sucked up without blocking the tube which can be a problem with some leaf blowers in this price range. This makes it a great item to use in the winter months when gardens are often at their wettest. As leaves are collected they are shredded and placed in the collection bag allowing you to fit more waste in the bag due to the reduction in size of the leaves once they have been shredded. Also the shredded waste will rot quicker making this blower ideal for those of you with a compost heap.

Use the price comparison information below to get the best price for this great Flymo Leaf Blower:

For your convenience the Flymo is packed with the following features:

  • wheels
  • 3000w engine
  • 45 litre collection bag
  • 200 km /h air speed
  • 180 l /s suction capacity
  • 10 to 1 shredding ratio
  • 12 metre cable length

So to sum up, if you are looking for a great value leaf blower and garden vacuum with built in shredder and attached collection bag that will work with wet leaves this has to be the one for you!

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