Garden Strimmers

Garden strimmers or grass strimmers, as they are sometimes known, are great for when you want to trim the edges of the lawn or you find there are awkward patches or corners of grass that you need to cut. You can get a petrol garden strimmer, an electric garden strimmer or a battery operated garden strimmer – the choice is yours and depends on what you would find convenient in your garden. Even though an electric strimmer has a lot of advantages, many people have gardens with twists and turns and prefer garden strimmers that they can carry around without a cord.

Different Sized Garden Strimmers

Garden trimmers come in different shapes and sizes and what you need to do is look at what your garden needs and choose accordingly. If you have large patches of grass, you might want to look at a garden strimmer with a large swathe so you can cut a lot more grass with one swipe. For the edges, you might want a lighter garden strimmer that you can manoeuvre more easily. A garden strimmer with a smaller head that rotates is perfect for borders, corners and edges.

Single of Double Cord Garden Strimmers

Depending on how dense your growth is, you might want to look for garden strimmers with a single cord or a double cord. These cords are the ones that spin and cut through the grass and sometimes you might need to replace them after you have put your garden strimmer to good use. Never replace anything in a garden strimmer without making sure everything is switched off and has stopped running. To make garden strimmers easier to use, some of them come with heights that can be adjusted and some of them have ergonomic handles so you get a bit of support for your hands and arms.

Garden Strimmer Brands

Garden strimmers are available in a wide range of options and you get a number of good brands to choose from like Ryobi, Bosch, Flymo and Black & Decker. Make sure you choose a model that you feel would be most appropriate for your garden.

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