Garden Vacuums

A garden vacuum is an essential tool you need to keep your garden in good shape. If you are thinking of buying one make sure you read our Garden Vacuum Buyers Guide to ensure you get one that meets all your needs.

Garden Vacuum Buyers Guide

If you are looking to buy a garden vacuum to keep your garden clean and tidy, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you go out and buy the first garden vacuum you see. There is a huge choice of garden vacuums available today so if you do a bit of homework before you buy one, you will end up making an informed decision. So take a look at some of the broad questions below and then choose which garden vacuum suits your need best.

Which garden vacuum suits the size of your garden?

This is a very important question to answer because so many factors come into play when you choose the garden vacuum that’s right for you. If it’s a large garden, choose petrol garden vacuums because you don’t want long power cords getting entangled in anything. If it’s a small garden, an electric garden vacuum is great. These are light and operate with hardly any sound. The size of collection bag that comes with it should also be taken into account depending on the size of your garden. A small collection bag for a large garden will mean many trips to keep emptying it out.

What weight of garden vacuums would you be comfortable with?

Whether it is a large or a small garden, you will need to lug your garden vacuum around so pick a weight that you are comfortable with – something that won’t strain you too much. Some garden vacuums are quite heavy and while they may be great for large garden cleaning, if you are doing it yourself, be practical and lift it up to see if you can manage carrying the weight around. Check around to see if they are easy to carry, whether they have good straps, etc.

Check how quickly the garden vacuum functions

When the garden vacuum has a greater mulching ratio, it is more efficient and does its work faster. So take the time to compare different speeds. A quicker working garden vacuum can be a boon during autumn when there are so many more leaves to gather.

Garden vacuums or vacuum blowers?

Do you want a simple garden vacuum or do you want a garden vacuum that also functions as a blower to blow away the dust and dirt? With a garden vacuum blower, you can blow all the leaves and debris into one heap and then vacuum it all into the collection bag.

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