Hitachi RB40VA Leaf Blower

The Hitachi RB40VA is a blower that can be used to clear leaves as well as other debris such as dust, dirt and cobwebs. It has two modes: blow or vacuum so can be used to moving leaves around or sucking them up.

The Hitachi leaf blower is fitted with a high efficiency 550 watt motor of which the speed can be varied. The fan is of high quality ensuring a consistent flow of air from the unit. There are external brush caps fitted to the blower to allow quick checking and replacement. There is also a soft-grip wrap around handle to improve ease of use and provide a high level of comfort to the operator. The Hitachi RB40VA comes supplied with a nozzle and dust bag making it ready to go out of the box!

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Features include:

* Power input: 550 watt
* No load speed: 0-16000
* Air pressure: 0-56l/min Aq
* Air volume: 0-3.8m

About Hitachi

Hitachi is a well known manufacturer of goods that operate in many sectors. They are especially well-known for their electronic and mechanical goods such as garden tools including leaf blowers. They have a history of innovating in their chosen fields, providing the next step of design and technology to existing ranges thought to be at their peak.

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