Kärcher K2.36M+ Pressure Washer and T50 Patio Cleaner

A pressure washer is needed by everyone. And one that comes along with a patio cleaner is a great machine to help you keep every part of your house looking clean and great. The K2.36M + & T50 from Kärcher comes with a 1400 watt universal motor. The compact design, along with two attached wheels and a transport handle makes it easy for the unit to be moved around easily while the 4 metre hose provided allows the water reach out to the toughest areas, letting you clean your place from top to bottom.

This pressure washer that comes along with a T50 patio cleaner is ideal for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. It work great even on large areas like garage doors and terraces, cleaning the place completely thanks to the 110 bar maximum pressure that facilitates a maximum use of 340 litres of water per hour. The pressure washer also has the capacity to switch between a low pressure output for gentle cleaning and a high pressure output for more rigorous cleaning. And the patio cleaner will make your patio look more spick and span than it ever was before! And for easy maintenance of the product, a mesh water filter is provided. This keeps out all unwanted dirt and protects the high pressure pump.

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