Leaf Blower or a Garden Vacuum?

When autumn comes around, the thought of raking up all the dead leaves and debris can often be a daunting prospect, even for the avid gardener. Fortunately, there are a few tools of the trade which will make light work of this tedious task. A leaf blower or garden vacuum is the ideal tool; it will not only save you time but removes the physical aspect of clearing your garden.

So what is the difference? I hear you ask. Well people tend to prefer using a leaf blower if they have large volumes of leaves or debris to gather or have to cover a large area. The leaves can be blown into one or several large piles which can then be placed into bags at a later date.

A garden vacuum is more ideal if you have a smaller garden as you can only store so many leaves before you have to empty the bag. However, if you really don’t fancy having to manually put the leaves in a bag then you can get large garden vacuums that have spacious storage containers.

If you are looking for a combination of the two then consider the multi-functional, all-in-one leaf blower and garden vacuum. This allows you to effortlessly accomplish both piling and gathering of garden debris at the same time. First you can use the blowing feature to create a pile of dead leaves and other garden debris, then switch to the vacuum feature to suck up the accumulated debris that ends up in an easy to dispose of waste bag. Once again, the downside to this option is that you can only cover a small area before having to replace the bag.

If you are looking to buy a leaf blower or a garden vacuum then you should also consider how it’s powered. Generally speaking they are either powered by gas or electric. Gas powered leaf blowers and garden vacuums are more powerful in terms of blowing power and speed and are ideal if you have a large quantity of leaves to gather. However, they tend to be quite loud and require some strength as they are comparatively heavy.

Electric ones tend to cost less and are quieter; they are also very lightweight. The downside, however, is that if you buy a non-cordless leaf blower or garden vacuum then you are limited to how much of your garden you can cover. Moving around your garden can become quite difficult especially if the cord isn’t long enough to accommodate the whole area.

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