Makita BUB142Z 14.4v Cordless Leaf Blower

Makita BUB142Z

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This leaf blower from Makita is a great value item that will have you blowing and sucking all around your garden. As well as being a leaf blower the Makita BUB142Z also functions as a garden vacuum that will Hoover up most small to medium sized garden debris.

If you want to be able to quickly sweep up your garden with little effort then this type of leaf blower / garden vacuum is just the ticket. It has a three stage air setting dial to allow you to control just how much power you want to use. This Makita leaf blower is also fitted with a variable speed trigger and has a rubber grip giving you a soft handle to hold onto that is also ergonomically designed.

The Makita BUB142Z is lightweight yet powerful and for extra convenience is also cordless allowing you a greater freedom of movement. At this price what more could you ask for?

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