McCulloch Mac GBV325 25cc Garden Vacuum & Blower

The McCulloch Mac GBV325 leaf blower also doubles up as a Garden Vacuum saving you the trouble and expense of buying two tools.

Due to its the 25cc petrol engine the McCulloch Mac GBV325 had a blow speed of 322 Km/hr and an engine power of 1 horse power. That might not sound like a lot compare to your car but on e handheld leaf blower it packs quite a punch making light work of any leaf and small garden debris.

Despite having a powerful engine the McCulloch GBV325 is a lightweight power tool that weights a mere 4.4 Kgs. Weighing this small amount makes this leaf blower and garden vacuum very easy to control and manuaver around the garden. As well as being light this blower has a great in line grip and a throttle that is finger controlled via its trigger mechanism. Add this to the excellent balance of this garden vac and you have a very easy to use bit of kit.

Alongside these great features this blower also has the capability to mulch the leaves it hoovers up and then store them in its 45 litre collection bag.

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile petrol leaf blower and garden vacuum the McCulloch Mac GBV325 is right up your street!