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The best places to buy a leaf blower online at the lowest prices

We have trawled the Internet looking for the best suppliers of leaf blowers and garden vacuums to help you find the right one for you. The main leaf blower page has reviews and information about specific blowers and garden vacuums but if you want to do your own research visit some of the retailers below to see what is on offer. For your convience each link goes directly to the range of leaf blowers on offer at each of the suppliers listed below to save you time.

amazon logo

Although amazon are better known for books and other personal consumerables they also have a large range of garden equipment including a good selection of leaf vacuums and blowers. Their range includes leaf blowers from Silverline, Draper and Black & Decker. The Silverline 399012 and the Silverline 633901 are two of their most popular items.

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As you would expect B&Q have a good range of garden tools with leaf blowers from Ryobi, Homelite and Makita. They have some smaller garden vacuums but also a lot of more powerful leaf blowers for professional gardeners or those with larger gardens. Their range includes electric leaf blowers and petrol leaf blowers including the ever popular Silverline 399012.

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Screfix have leaf blowers from well known names such as Ryobi, Makita and Homelite and their range includes both electric garden vacuums and petrol garden vacuums.

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ebay logo


Just like pretty much anything else in the world leaf blowers can be picked up for a fraction of their recommended retail price on ebay. Ebay is not only good for second hand items but also smaller online retailers who due to low overheads can afford to sell items for less than they cost from some other larger suppliers. It is always worth checking ebay to see if they have a bargain leaf blower or garden vacuum available. Keep an eye out for a cheap Silverline 399012.

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Wickes logo


Wickes have a fairly decent range of leaf blowers and the odd garden vacuum. Their range changes fairly regularly so if they don’t have much in today it is usually worth checking the following week if you can wait.

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DIY Tools logo

DIY Tools

DIY Tools don’t have the largest range on the Internet but they do have some quality leaf blowers including the Einhell REL2100 Blower Vacuum, the Black & Decker GW2600 Blower Vacuum Shredder, the 2 speed Black & Decker GW3000 Blower Vacuum and the variable speed Black & Decker GW2610v Blower Vacuum.

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