Ryobi RSH-2400R Impact Garden Shredder

A garden shredder not only helps you to clear up your garden and get rid of all the unwanted, messy branches and greens that are lying around but it also helps in creating great compost and mulch for you to spread out in your garden for your plants to grow better. The Ryobi RSH-2400R Impact Shredder/Mulcher is a product from Ryobi that has a large motor capacity of 2400W.

This garden shredder is fitted with two cutting blades that are reversible and make sure the material gets shredded completely. These blades can shred branches that are up to a size of 40mm in diameter. This makes it ideal for you to produce mulch even from tree branches lying around. The shredder is very quiet when in use and the anti blocking system is great.

The garden shredder from Ryobi is lightweight and can be conveniently placed in a small area of your garden. At the same time, the shredder is equipped with an overload option that keeps your shredder sturdy and long lasting. The large wheels provided allow you to move it around with ease. Besides the garden shredder, the box it comes in also contains a hex wrench, a cable measuring ten metres, a plunger and a sleeve along with an instructions manual.

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