Spray Guns

Spray guns are a great way to make watering your garden and plants a more effective, quicker and let’s face it, a more fun experience! Simply attach one of these devices to your hose and you instantly give yourself more control over where and how your spray you water.

Much better than traditional hose nozzles a spray gun will allow you to control the flow of water at a touch of the trigger. The gun shape of these contraptions make them very easy to hold giving your fingers instant access to the trigger which determines how much water will be dispersing around your garden.

Hozelock Spray Guns

There are a number of brands to choose from when it comes to buying a spray gun but one of the most popular and acclaimed is Hozelock. This company has a strong history in this field and years of research and development and gone into producing the perfect hose attachments. Their entry level item is the Hozelock Jet Gun which is very competitively priced. It isn’t as feature-packed as some of its competitors but for the prices you get a great little garden tool. It has a high flow setting to allow you to fill items like watering cans and buckets quickly and easily and when it comes to watering those plants it has three settings to give you more control over how the water is sprayed. If you simply want a spray gun that works then look no further than the entry level Hozelock spray gun.

Hozelock 2687 Jet Spray Gun Pro

If you want something a bit more advanced then the Hozelock 2687 Jet Spray Gun Pro might be more up you alley. It costs a bit more than the Jet Gun but it more than makes up for it in quality and features. If you will be using you new spray gun regularly or just want the best the Jet Spray Gun Pro is for you. It is made from a durable, high quality, long lasting metal construction. Despite its metal body the Hozelock Gun Pro is very easy and comfortable to hold and to top it all off it comes with six different speed and flow settings to give you total control over your work. If you have a diverse garden and want to alter the way you water your plants to suit them best then you will be very grateful for the six settings on offer.

Hozelock Multi Spray Pro Gun

Just incase that hose attachment wasn’t enough for you then there is the Hozelock Multi Spray Pro Gun. Again it costs a bit more than the others but is still relatively cheap for what you get. Made from an even longer lasting zinc alloy construction this multi spray gun will last you for years and years. It is easy to hold with a soft touch making it ideal for those who do this for their job or just have large gardens that require a lot of watering. If you have blisters or sore hands from any other garden jobs such as using a garden vacuum or a hedge trimmer than holding this spray gun will be a joy to your hands. It also has a locking trigger so you don’t even need to expend energy holding it down! What more could you ask for?