Flymo Power Trim Garden Strimmer

A garden strimmer is necessary for every garden owner in order to keep their garden neat and prevent the grass from getting out of control. A garden strimmer may do the job of trimming grass but for those who like to take extra care of their lawn, an edger is also necessary. The Power Trim Trimmer from Flymo is a two-in-one unit that not only trims your lawns but also edges them, giving your garden the perfect look.

This garden strimmer comes packed with a number of features. It has a 300 watt motor which makes it powerful enough to cut all kinds of grass. The double line with a width of 23cm along with an auto feed cutting head together ensure that you can reach out to grass that’s growing even in the toughest places. And with a simple click of a button, your trimmer then turns into an edger in 3 seconds, letting you switch easily between the modes you want.

The garden strimmer has a 12 metre cable that allows you to move around your garden with this machine without having to worry about running out of cable half way through.

With the high quality standards of Flymo products, you can never make a bad decision by purchasing one.


Black & Decker GL301 Garden Strimmer

A garden strimmer is a good buy for any gardener or person who loves to spend time in keeping their garden neat and tidy. This machine allows you to trim all the unwanted grass, giving your patch of garden a groomed look. The GL301 Strimmer 300 Watt Reflex from Black & Decker allows you to do all this without taking up too much of you time and money.

This garden strimmer has a 300 watt motor which makes it powerful and easy to run. The reflex line feed system provided makes the machine intelligent by knowing when to automatically allow more feed from the unit. The strimmer has a 25cm cutting width which makes it the perfect tool for all medium sized gardens with lawns and small shrubs. The line cutting speed is 10200 rpm and 10m of line is supplied with the unit. The light weight and ergonomical design of the strimmer makes it easy to handle and convenient to store when not in use.

The garden strimmer has a two handed design. This provides additional comfort while in use. And for those who are worried about how the service in case anything goes wrong, a two year warranty is provided with the strimmer, keeping all worries away.

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Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Accu Cordless Grass Trimmer

A grass trimmer is ideal for all those who like to keep their gardens neat and tidy and do not like over grown grass in their backyards. The Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Accu Cordless Grass Trimmer happens to be perfect for those who want to trim out that unruly grass that grows in difficult-to-reach areas in the garden.

This garden strimmer is cordless and can be moved around easily. It is a lightweight machine with handles on both sides, making it convenient to move around the garden. The telescopic handle can be adjusted to a height of 35cm. The strimmer is powered by a 14.4V/1.5Ah battery which ensures that the machine gives great performance. The plastic blades provided with the unit make it energy efficient and give you a precise cut. The trimmer shaft can also be adjusted to a suitable angle so that grass growing even in unreachable places can be trimmed. The vertical trimming feature also helps in achieving great results.

The garden strimmer comes along with a fast charger as well as 12 sets of plastic blades, making sure that you have everything you need for a great gardening experience. A two year warranty for parts and labour is also provided.

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Black & Decker GLC2500 Cless 18 Volt Reflex Garden Strimmer

The garden strimmer from Black & Decker – the GLC2500 Cless 18 Volt Reflex Strimmer comes packed with a number of features to make sure that you have an easy time in your garden. The intelligent cutting system provided is designed to automatically feed out more line whenever necessary. The garden strimmer is completely cordless, allowing you to move around your garden without having to worry about the wires getting tangled all around you.

As for this garden strimmer’s technical details, it comes with an 18 volt battery that can be charged separately from the main unit when required. It has a very good reflex line feed system and a cutting line length of 10 metres. The strimmer has two handles that are adjustable, making the machine safe and easy to use. To add to the safety features, there is a safety brake as that will stop the unit within three seconds in case of an emergency. The safety switch provided also ensures that the machine doesn’t start automatically.

The garden strimmer also has an edging facility as well as an edging guide and weighs only 4.4kgs. The box comes packed with the garden strimmer as well as an instruction manual and a spool.

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Black & Decker GL656 Garden Strimmer 500 Watt

A garden strimmer is a useful tool to have in a garden no matter how big or small it is. It can be used for trimming lawns as well as shaping them and cutting the edges. The Black & Decker GL656 Strimmer is a state of the art trimmer which does all your garden trimming with ease and the 500 watt motor provided ensures that your work gets done perfectly at an amazingly fast speed.

This garden trimmer comes with a telescopic tube that has a 100mm distance. As for the specifications of this unit, it has a great reflex plus line feed system, a line diameter of 1.5 mm, a line cutting speed of 10,400 rpm and a cutting width of 28cm. This makes it perfect for mid-sized gardens. The strimmer comes with two handles which make the machine very safe to use and a 2×6 line is supplied along with it. The unit weighs only 3.2kg. making it very lightweight and easy for every gardener.

The garden strimmer has a ‘Trim and Edge’ feature that includes a dual cutting system. This technology makes the strimmer automatically feed out more line when necessary. The box, on purchase, contains the garden strimmer along with an instruction manual for easy operation of the machine.

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