McCulloch Mac GBV345 2 Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower & Vacuum

This petrol leaf blower and garden vacuum from McCulloch is a very popular garden blower that is on the top selling lists of many garden retailers. The McCulloch GBV345, with is vertical scroll, petrol engine and variable speed options is a feature packed tool that is very versatile and suitable for gardens large and small.

It’s anti-vibration, cruise control and excellent weighting make the McCulloch MCGBV345 a very simple to use leaf blower. But although it is easy to use it is by no means lacking in power. The 25cc two stroke petrol engine gives this leaf blower an engine power of 0.7kw or 1 horse power which equals an impressive blow speed of 346Km/hr. This is powerful enough for gardens of all sizes and should help you to get your garden looking great again!

This easy to start leaf blower and garden vacuum weighs only 4.4Kg so not only is it powerful and feature packed it is also lightweight and easy to carry and store away. Add to this the 45 litre capacity collection bag and you have a great blower and vac!

McCulloch Mac GBV325 25cc Garden Vacuum & Blower

The McCulloch Mac GBV325 leaf blower also doubles up as a Garden Vacuum saving you the trouble and expense of buying two tools.

Due to its the 25cc petrol engine the McCulloch Mac GBV325 had a blow speed of 322 Km/hr and an engine power of 1 horse power. That might not sound like a lot compare to your car but on e handheld leaf blower it packs quite a punch making light work of any leaf and small garden debris.

Despite having a powerful engine the McCulloch GBV325 is a lightweight power tool that weights a mere 4.4 Kgs. Weighing this small amount makes this leaf blower and garden vacuum very easy to control and manuaver around the garden. As well as being light this blower has a great in line grip and a throttle that is finger controlled via its trigger mechanism. Add this to the excellent balance of this garden vac and you have a very easy to use bit of kit.

Alongside these great features this blower also has the capability to mulch the leaves it hoovers up and then store them in its 45 litre collection bag.

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile petrol leaf blower and garden vacuum the McCulloch Mac GBV325 is right up your street!

Draper 45543 Garden Vacuum Leaf Blower and Mulcher

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The Draper 45543 is a multi purpose leaf blower that not only blows air but also works as a garden vacuum and leaf mulcher. It’s powerful 2200 watt engine allows it to quickly and efficiently vacuum up leaves and other small garden debris or at the flick of a switch blow them into a neat pile wherever in your garden you desire.

When in garden vacuum mode and leaves that are hovered up can then be muclched or shredded. Once they have been passed through the shredder they are instantly moved into the attached and removable 45 litre collection bag. This collection bag allows you to dispose of the mulch easily and cleanly to either a rubbish bin or on a compost heap.

As well as the easy to find and use switch to change from vacuum to blow mode this Draper leaf blower comes equipped with a sturdy and adjustable front support handle. Also the Draper 45543 is fitted with a patio and path wheel attachment that makes manoeuvring the leaf blower much easier than those leaf blowers with one and keeps the nozzle at the desired height.

What’s more this leaf blower also comes with a long 10 metre cable allowing your to reach the far corners of most gardens and outdoor spaces and of course the Draper is fitted with a safety approved plug socked.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to buy this leaf blower, have the Draper 45543 on sale with £78.51 off the recommended retail price at the time of writing.

Black & Decker GW2610V Garden Vacuum & Leaf Blower

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The Black & Decker GW2610V is a dual function leaf blower and garden vacuum that is electric powered and comes equipped with a shredder fan. The high impact shredding blades are ideal for compressing garden waste and can reduce the size of items vacuumed to one tenth of their original size.

This garden vacuum is fitted with a wet leaf scraper which helps collect wet leaves which can become stuck to the ground making them hard to pick up. The Black & Decker comes with a collection bag which has a capacity of 35 litres which after the shredder has reduced their size can hold 350 litres of leaves.

The speed at which this item blows or vacuums can be adjusted with ease allowing you to chose the right speed for you. The Black & Decker also comes fitted with a carry strap making it easy to manoeuvre around the garden along with its secondary handle.

This is a great leaf blower / garden vacuum shredder that would suit any small to medium sized garden or outdoor space.

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Homelite HBL26BV 2-Stroke Petrol Blower & Vacuum

The Homelite petrol leaf blower and garden vacuum is an ideal addition to anyone’s garden maintenance tool kit. If you prefer to buy tools that will last you a long time and get the job done every time a petrol powered leaf blower like this is the device for you.

The Homelite HBL26BV has a powerful 26cc engine and with a reasonable 0.39 horsepower output. The airflow clocks in at 270mph which is pretty impressive and makes light work of the most stubborn leaves and other small garden debris. As well as being good at blowing the Homelite has a good suction capacity of 11cbm/min which will pick up as many leaves as you can this garden vacuum at. To make life easy for your it even comes equipped with a shoulder strap meaning you can easily manoeuvre it about the garden.

If you want something more substantial than an electric leaf blower then this 2-stroke petrol powered blower is definitely worth adding to your list.

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Einhell BGELB2100 Electric Leaf Blower / Vacuum

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This combination leaf blower / garden vacuum from Einhell is a great value device for your garden. It is electric powered and has a powerful vacuum function with a built-in shredder. The shredder can handle soft material such as leaves and grass up to a fairly large size. The waste that has been shredded is compressed down to 1/10 of its original size allowing you to dispose of more waste than previously possible.

If you don’t want to collect and shred the waste the leaf blower mode is great for moving leaves and grass around outside. As well as grass and leaves dirt and loose mud can be blown away which is great for cleaning decking and patios.

This Einhell leaf blower comes equipped with an adjustable carry belt and a 45 litre capacity collection bin. Other great features of the Einhell are an air speed of 250 km/h, a suction capacity of 12 m3/min and a no load speed of 14000 min-1. All-in-all this is a great value dual purpose leaf blower and garden vacuum that should suit the needs of any home gardener and the occasional landscaper.

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Ryobi RBL30MVA 30cc BackPack Leaf Blower & Vacuum

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This is a great leaf blower and garden vacuum from Ryobi. This machine has a powerful 30cc petrol engine that is ideal for gardens big or small and will have your outdoor spaces looking spick and span in no time at all!

The Ryobi comes equipped with a mulching feature which is ideal for getting any garden waste compressed for easy disposal. As well as being an excellent leaf blower with the flick of a switch this tool becomes a powerful garden vacuum allowing you to pick up most small garden debris in the blink of an eye thanks to its 13 cbm/min suction capacity. Due to it’s high power this garden vacuum can reduce leaf waste at a ratio of 10:1 which we think is pretty impressive. There is a 40 litre collection bag included with the Ryobi RBL30MVA which can be quickly and easily attached as and when required.

As well as the collection bag this leaf blower comes with a shoulder strap and some 2-stroke oil to get you started. To get the Ryobi RBL30MVA at the lowest price use the information below:

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Leaf Blower Best Sellers

Further down the page you will find in-depth reviews of many great leaf blowers and garden vacuums but here we have picked out some of the best value and performing leaf blowers available to buy online today.

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Hitachi RB40VA Leaf Blower

The Hitachi RB40VA is a blower that can be used to clear leaves as well as other debris such as dust, dirt and cobwebs. It has two modes: blow or vacuum so can be used to moving leaves around or sucking them up.

The Hitachi leaf blower is fitted with a high efficiency 550 watt motor of which the speed can be varied. The fan is of high quality ensuring a consistent flow of air from the unit. There are external brush caps fitted to the blower to allow quick checking and replacement. There is also a soft-grip wrap around handle to improve ease of use and provide a high level of comfort to the operator. The Hitachi RB40VA comes supplied with a nozzle and dust bag making it ready to go out of the box!

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Features include:

* Power input: 550 watt
* No load speed: 0-16000
* Air pressure: 0-56l/min Aq
* Air volume: 0-3.8m

About Hitachi

Hitachi is a well known manufacturer of goods that operate in many sectors. They are especially well-known for their electronic and mechanical goods such as garden tools including leaf blowers. They have a history of innovating in their chosen fields, providing the next step of design and technology to existing ranges thought to be at their peak.

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Draper Vacuum Leaf Blower and Mulcher 2200W

The Draper Vacuum Leaf Blower and Mulcher 2200W is very easy to control due to the wheel attached to the front tube. This makes it easier and therefore faster to get around the garden with. Also for your ease is a control switch to change between vacuum mode and blow mode. Draper have really thought about the user with this leaf blower and have included a handle with soft grip and the back of the tool and a very useful shoulder strap. The blower comes fitted with a larger than average 45 litre collection bag and a long 10 metre cable giving a wide range of movement and reach in the garden!

This is a great leaf blower for the professional and home user alike and comes highly recommended!

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32CC Petrol Garden Vacuum Leaf Blower

This petrol leaf blower is the real deal!

It might have a petrol engine but that does not mean this blower weights too much and comes in at a reasonable 6kg. If you’ve got a large garden to clear or just want to get the job done in the least amount of time then a petrol powered blower is definitely for you. The two-stroke engine ensure that any garden can be cleared with minimal effort in times quicker than with a standard electric blower.

This is a great leaf blower for the professional and home user alike and comes highly recommended!

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2500W Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder

This 2500W Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder is a single speed leaf blower with a maximum air speed of 240km/h which is powerful enough to blow and pick-up leaves, small twigs, grass and bits of discarded paper. This leaf blower has a large 40 litre capacity bag attached to collect everything it vacuums up. There is also a built in shredder to ensure everything sucked up is shredded to allow you to maximise the amount of garden waste that this leaf blower can pick-up before it needs to be emptied.

This is a great little leaf blower with a big bag and big power!

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Black & Decker GW2600 Leaf Blower & Garden Vacuum

The Black & Decker 2600 Watt Blower & Vacuum Shredder has a 2600w motor in both vacuum and blow modes making it truly high performance. With that amount of power you will fill the bag quickly but don’t worry, this leaf blower has an easy empty bag with a capacity of 35 litres. It has two speeds to keep you in control of proceedings and it is suitable for every level of gardener. Wet leaves are no problem as this leaf blower comes equiped with a wet leaf scraper.

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Flymo Scirocco 3000 Electric Garden Vacuum & Blower

The Flymo Scirocco 3000 Electric Garden Vac & Blower 3000w 240v is a dual function leaf blower and garden vacuum making it exceptional value and a great time saving device.

Using the leaf blower function you can effortlessly sweep all the leafs and garden debris into one manageable pile and then with the flick of a switch transfer to garden vacuum mode and Hoover up your pile of waste. No more bending over and bagging up the leaves by hand once you have this garden tool!

Due to the powerful suction of the Flymo Scirocco even wet leaves can be sucked up without blocking the tube which can be a problem with some leaf blowers in this price range. This makes it a great item to use in the winter months when gardens are often at their wettest. As leaves are collected they are shredded and placed in the collection bag allowing you to fit more waste in the bag due to the reduction in size of the leaves once they have been shredded. Also the shredded waste will rot quicker making this blower ideal for those of you with a compost heap.

Use the price comparison information below to get the best price for this great Flymo Leaf Blower:

For your convenience the Flymo is packed with the following features:

  • wheels
  • 3000w engine
  • 45 litre collection bag
  • 200 km /h air speed
  • 180 l /s suction capacity
  • 10 to 1 shredding ratio
  • 12 metre cable length

So to sum up, if you are looking for a great value leaf blower and garden vacuum with built in shredder and attached collection bag that will work with wet leaves this has to be the one for you!

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