Ryobi RHT-2660DA Quik Fire Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmers need to be easy to use and cut hedges neatly and as quickly as possible. The Ryobi RHT-2660DA Quik Fire Hedge Trimmer comes with a quick fire system along with a carburettor that makes starting of the machine easy. And to make your gardening experience even easier, the carburettor is fitted with a diaphragm which allows you to trim your hedges at all angles. The back handle has a 5 position rotating system that makes it so comfortable for anyone using it. And to make the trimmer even better, the front handle also comes with safety features and is easy to use.

This hedge trimmer comes with the following specifications- an output capacity of 0.89hp, a tank capacity of 0.3 litres and an overall engine capacity of 26cc. The blade length is an impressive length of 600mm, and together with a cutting capacity of 28mm, this unit allows you to cut all kinds of hedges and getting them to the perfect shape without any hassles.

The hedge trimmer has a robust construction and comes with a blade guard as well as a blade sheath for safety. A 2 year warranty is also provided with the model, keeping all your worries at bay.

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Flymo SabreCut Cordless Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a must-own by a person who has a garden. This appliance is needed to cut and trim hedges, keeping them neat and tidy. The SabreCut Cordless Hedge Trimmer from Flymo not only has a powerful 24V motor but also gives you the freedom of carrying around the appliance without bothering about a cable trailing along behind you.

The hedge trimmer has a twin action blade that gives your hedges a clean cut without you having to put in any effort. One of the best features of this trimmer is its extendable shaft. This feature allows you to extend the length of the unit by 3.2 metres, allowing you to reach up to tall shrubs without having to strain your hands and back. It also has a tilting head for cutting the top of hedges. The Flymo SabreCut Cordless 24V Hedge Trimmer also comes with a comfortable battery pack that can be strapped around your waist, making the SabreCut light and easy to use. If you’ve charged the battery completely, you can cut up to 330M2 without needed to charge it again.

This hedge trimmer also has a tidy storage system. With so many great features packed into this small unit, it proves to be a great buy.

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Bosch AHS 63-16C Electric Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer keeps all your hedges and shrubs looking clean and neat, making your garden look amazing. The AHS 63-16C Electric Hedge Trimmer from Bosch is a very powerful trimmer with a 420 watt motor along with different blades like diamond ground blades and a long 63cm blade which, along with the 16mm tooth spacing, provides you with a clean cut in your garden. A blade cover is also provided for safe storage of the blades when not in use.

This hedge trimmer has been designed for easy operation. It has a two trigger start system which makes it easy and safe for the owner to operate. It weighs only 3.1kg, making it convenient to carry around and trim the small and medium sized branches. The 12m cable is long enough to let you carry the unit around your garden with ease. The AHS 63-16C also comes along with a Bosch ‘Collecto’, a device that helps you sweep up and clear all the clippings. Can cleaning up your garden get any easier?

The hedge trimmer comes along with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee, ensuring that you have no trouble with your appliance. And all this is brought to you at an affordable price.


Bosch Isio Shape & Edge Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is ideal for those who like to keep a neat and tidy garden. The Bosch Isio Shape & Edge hedge trimmer is a sleek device that helps you to do this, keeping your garden in great shape and keeping you happy.

This hedge trimmer has a 3.6V lithium-ion battery, which, when completely charged, will run up to 50 minutes. Along with this, the ‘anti block’ technology ensures that the device won’t stall even when cutting through tough branches by adjusting the running direction of the blades. These inter-changeable blades give you a range of trimming options, allowing you to choose how you want the hedges to look, from edging them to shearing the shrubs. This gives your hedges a clean cut appearance. The appliance is also very easy to charge and comes with a normal mobile-style charge that has a light to indicate when the appliance is completely charged.

The hedge trimmer is always ready-to-use. You will never be faced with a problem of memory loss or self discharge from the unit. It weighs only 550gms, making it extremely lightweight and convenient to use. It also features a soft grip handle that allows you to use the appliance comfortably for long periods of time.


Ryobi 400W Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter

A hedge trimmer is necessary for anyone who owns a patch of garden, whether small or big. The Ryobi 400 watt Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter makes it easy for you to cut those troublesome branches which are just out of your reach. This hedge cutter not only leaves you garden looking neat and tidy but also saves you time and trouble, ensuring that you no longer need to stretch out and hurt your back trying to reach the branches.

This hedge trimmer has an easy blade adjustment. This clean cutting blade is double sided, giving your hedge a great quality finish. The length of this blade is 400mm and it has a cutting capacity of 17mm. This telescopic pole is easy to operate and can be locked into place when needed. It comes with a very powerful motor, making your job quick and easy. The Ryobi Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter has a power input of 400 watts and an 8m length of cable is provided for easy transport around the garden.

The hedge trimmer weighs only 4kg and comes packed in the box along with a blade sheath when ordered. Assembling of the product requires only 5 minutes and the soft grip handle makes your job even easier.